Wallet £106


A slim bifold wallet. This classic shape has 8 card sleeves, 2 receipt sleeves and a cash compartment with a divider.


    Size: H9.5 x W11 x D1 cm
    Weight: Approximately 65 grams


      True cost £31.76

      *Overheads & profit £38.12
      *Warehousing & fulfilment £19.53
      *Taxes and duties £15.88

      Total £106 

      *Estimated breakdown across all our shipping destinations.



      Naturally tanned cow leather, certified organic, tested and certified free of harmful substances.

      Producer: Tarnsjo Garveri

      Article: Cow leather

      Made in Sweden


      Cradle to Cradle gold certified 65% Infinito polyester and 35% Lyocell.

      Producer: Lauffenmuehle

      Article: Cycle 245

      Made in Germany

      Metal fittings

      Satin finish, uncoated 100% stainless steel.

      Producer: Kin Lik Metal Manufactury

      Article: Custom made

      Made in China

      Stitching thread

      Polyester thread made from recycled plastic bottles.

      Producer: Guetermann

      Article: Mara rPet 

      Made in Germany


      Non-hazardous water based contact adhesive.

      Producer: Renia

      Article: Aquilim 315

      Made in Germany


      Producer: YKK Japan

      Article: Excella

      Made in Japan


      Character of the leather.

      This bag is made from naturally tanned organic leather, which is 100% certified free of harmful substances. This also means that there is no heavy pigmentation applied to its surface. Unlike most commercial leathers, where the surface is covered with a layer of polymers and stamped to look uniform, you will find that the grain of our leather shows natural variations in texture and tone. This is how you can recognize its quality. Because our tannery does not use any harmful chemicals to ‘fix’ the dyes either, the colours may take a period of a week or two of wearing in, during which the natural pigment on the leather may transfer some colour onto lighter items of clothing. Please be mindful of this.


      The signature character of vegetable tanned leather is that it reacts to you and the environment. As you carry your bag, it will develop a shape and patina unique to you and the conditions it's used in. This is an elegant feature that only naturally tanned leather can achieve. Just like good denim, the leather will soften and improve as time goes by. Do not worry about scratches and marks from daily wear, as one of the unique aspects of the leather is that these markings will naturally mellow and fade into an even texture over time. Use it with care and you will have an item that develops the most beautiful and unique character, that cannot be recreated by any other means.

      The elements.

      Careless use and exposure to harsh conditions will affect your bag in an undesirable way. Excessive direct sunlight, particularly for natural light colourways, will have a darkening effect on the colour. Avoid getting your item wet. When caught in the rain, gently dab the leather dry with a clean soft cloth and leave it to dry at room temperature. Do not keep the bag next to a radiator or any other direct heat source. This can dry out the natural oils present in the leather and make it brittle.


      To make it last we recommend conditioning your bag once a year. We are with you for the long run and offer a complimentary conditioning once a year. You can send your bag to us or alternatively you can do it yourself - get in touch and we will send you some leather conditioning cream and help you get started.