Right to Repair

At some point we seem to have collectively decided that the right thing to do when something breaks is to discard it and buy a new one. That does not make sense. A well looked after bag, carefully made from good materials should have a life expectancy of many years, if not decades.

Accidents happen and things break. That is okay. By making things for life, we also commit to doing our best to repair them when they break. Should your bag need repair, our workshop will always welcome it back for some love and care.

What can be repaired?

We expect to be able to repair most damage. Our bags are designed and crafted in a modular manner, so that we are able to repair or replace parts individually, without having to take the whole bag apart.

How much do repairs cost?

Repairs needed due to our fault are free of charge, no matter when the fault occurs. Repairs needed due to accident are assessed individually. Our aim is to make repair a viable and affordable option, and we endeavour to keep the cost transparent and fair.

How do I get my bag repaired?

Please send us an email detailing the reason for requiring repair. Don't forget to include clear photos of the issue. We will promptly reply with our assessment and offer a solution to the problem. You can then send us the bag by post or bring it to the workshop in person if you can.

Contact: care@silentgoods.com 

Please do not send us the bag without emailing first!