For those who won’t be labelled.

Labels are there to turn individuals into billboards and create artificial desire, while adding no genuine value to the actual piece you’re buying.

We want to make the best bags, not the best brand.

That’s why you’ll never see a label or a logo on anything we create. We want you to choose our pieces for what they are and how they’re made – the label should have nothing to do with it.

Made for life

You only need one.

Fashion is intentionally – and often infuriatingly – temporary. Many luxury goods are specifically designed to be replaced, either as new seasons bring new trends, or because repair is not a viable option.

We don’t believe in change for the sake of change.

We make singular essential pieces you will keep forever. The modular nature of the design allows us to repair each component individually at our workshops, while our incredible natural leather only improves with time and will endure for generations.


Luxury without the guilt.

We create premium leather goods that challenge leading luxury brands for quality. And we do it using only the world’s finest eco-conscious materials.

From organically farmed, plant- extract tanned Swedish leather to Cradle-to-Cradle certified textiles, we’ve made all our choices count.

The sustainable mindset is applied to everything we do. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our packaging is minimal and fully biodegradable. We’ve even commissioned Carter Studio to design a typeface that uses 50 per cent less ink. You’re reading it now. We’d love everybody to use it, so we’re giving it away for free.


Know what you wear. Always ask questions.

Traditionally, brands use secrecy to add intangible value to their products. We choose to be completely open about everything we do, to reveal the genuine value inherently present in ours.

Be your own judge. There is an untrackable digital tag implanted into each bag.

Simply by scanning it with your phone, you can access information about your bag documented to the last detail. You can trace the full supply chain, track the journey each material takes right from its source and see exactly how these elements make up the price you pay.

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