No Pretty Boxes

Our packaging is a little different to what you might expect.

Although a beautiful box and logo-drizzled tissue paper might make you feel excited for a minute or two... it's not quite our thing. Instead, we set out to find creative solutions to delivering our bags to you sustainably.

It starts with a humble brown box. We source used and redundant cardboard ones, the kind that would normally be thrown away by big stores. The box might not look so impressive when it arrives at your door, but we believe there is a certain beauty to it, safely wrapped closed with our white paper tape.

A simple dust cover will protect your bag in shipping, and later on your shelf when the bag is stored away.

We partnered with an innovative Finnish startup to create ours. Made of their award-winning sustainable material 'paptic', it replaces what would traditionally be a plastic based product with a material that is light and durable, yet as easily biodegradable as cardboard. The end result is both beautiful and useful.