For us, it all starts with the materials. We've sought out very special building blocks for the things we make. We strive for the perfect balance between quality and sustainability.

1) Leather

We only use one kind of leather from a single manufacturer. Vegetable tanned, tested and certified to be free of harmful substances (certificate). Controlled and certified as 100% organic (certificate). Naturally tanned cowhide leather is produced by a small 140 year old Swedish manufacturer. The raw material is exclusively locally sourced and comes from just 3 farms in the region.

Manufacturer: Tarnsjo Garveri AB.
Address: Garverivagen 6, Tarnsjo 74045, Sweden.

2) Metal fittings

All our metal fittings are uncoated hand finished stainless steel. The raw material we use is approximately 2-3 times more expensive than the most premium bag component currently on the market, it is worth it because it offers 2 distinctive benefits. Firstly, because of the high quality base material it does not need to be coated in a precious metal. And because it is not coated or lacquered, there is no layer to wear off - something that often happens with standard fittings, revealing a different color layer underneath. For these reasons these fittings will literally last forever. Plating and lacquering is a highly toxic process, so by avoiding it we are lessening our environmental footprint significantly.

Article: Custom made
Manufacturer: Kin Lik Metal
Address: 1606, Cheung Fung Ind. Bldg., 23-39 Pak Tin Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong.

3) Lining textile

We use one of the only textiles in the world that has received a Cradle-to-Cradle standard. 

Article: Cycle 245
Manufacturer: Lauffenmuehle GmbH
Address: Kadelburgerstrase 11/D - 79787 Lauchringen, Germany.

4) Adhesive

Almost all leathergoods are usually made with a neoprene contact adhesive. It is a highly toxic glue that needs specialist equipment to protect the makers hands and lungs. Our solution is a sustainable water based soluble adhesive that is significantly less harmful to the makers and the environment.

Article: Renia
Manufacturer: Henkel Group
Address: Henkelstrasse, 67, Dusseldorf 40589, Germany

5) Thread

Guetermann rPet is a polyester monofilament stitching thread made entirely from recycled plastic.

Article: rPet 30, 50
Manufacturer: Guetermann GmbH
Address: Landstrase 1, 79261 Gutach-Breisgau, Germany

6) Zips

The zip is a critical component of a bag in terms of quality. It is often the part of the bag which breaks first. We use the flagship zipper model manufactured by the Japanese company YKK.

Article: Excella
Manufacturer: YKK
Address: 154 Commercial St
London E1 6NU, UK

7) Reinforcements

A good quality leather bag uses a number of different supplementary materials in its construction, that are hidden to the eye. This is how bases are stiffened and stitching is reinforced. We use natural and recycled reinforcements as much as possible. We are working on documenting this and further details will appear here soon.