Being transparent is one of our founding principles and that includes being open about what is costs to make each bag.

You will find detailed cost breakdowns in our online store, shown on each and every product page. 

We invest proportionally more into materials and craftsmanship than traditional luxury brands out there. This means that by buying a bag from us, you are actually investing in the bag and not the brand.


    True cost £128.57

    *Overheads & profit £154.52
    *Warehousing and fulfilment £38.57
    *Duties and taxes £64.29 

    Total £386 

    *Estimated breakdown across shipping destinations.


    Because we do not wholesale, and we do not waste money on branding, marketing and packaging, we are able to operate on a significantly lower mark-ups than brands dependent on the usual retail model.

    For our customer, this means that the price you pay is for good design, the very best sustainable materials and ethical make, and not for pretty packaging, branding and excessive marketing.